Peer review

The conference submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process by a minimum of two reviewers, under the coordination of the Scientific Committee

Reviewers are members the conference’s international Scientific Committee and experts in fields specifically matching the conference topics.

The reviewers help the Scientific Committee select which papers to accept and reject. Additionally, the reviewers help the authors of papers make their papers and presentations stronger. 

If it is necessary, the authors will receive recommendations to improve the quality of the paper’s content. If the observations or the recommendations are not kept, it is possible for the paper to be refused to be included in the conference. 

Review Criteria

  • Relevance to conference – The conference promotes the development and dissemination of theoretical knowledge, conceptual research, and professional practice knowledge. While there are many related issues, papers on those issues should really only be included if they have some relevance to the conference scope and topics.

  • Originality – We place an emphasis on new work.

  • Clarity/Quality of Legal English – Even the best ideas provide little benefit if no one can understand them because of the way in which they are presented. We look for papers that are well organized and well written.

  • References – Papers show their value and their originality by grounding themselves in the literature. Ensure that the paper includes references appropriate for the kind of work. The theoretical studies should have larger reference list, small case studies might only need references to their theoretical underpinnings and one or two related studies.

  • Length of Paper – Conference papers have particular limits and benefits. You should consider whether the ideas are appropriate for the length (8-12 pages).

  • Comments & Feedback: To help the authors improve their proposal it is essential that every review includes some written comments too. Please give a written feedback to the authors (with a minimum of ten sentences).

Meet Our Members from

Scientific Committee

PhD. Ianfred Silberstein

President of the European Association of Banking and Financial Law, Romanian Branch


Head of SSM Coordination Legal Counsel, Governors Office, Banque Centrale du Luxembourg

PhD Mirela IOVU

 Legal Counsels from The Banking and Financial System

PhD. Alexandru PĂUNESCU

National Bank of Romania


PhD Ekaterina LABI

Coordinator and Legal Counsel at the Governor’s Office (SSM Coordination) of the Banque centrale du Luxembourg


President of the European Association of Banking and Financial Law, Greece

Professor PhD. Brândușa ȘTEFĂNESCU

Faculty of Law, Bucharest University of Economic Studies


Dutch Payments Association


Dr. José Carlos Laguna de Paz

Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Valladolid (Spain), Academic Adviser at Eversheds Sutherland


Bulevardul Dacia 30, București 010413